9 Brilliant Ways to Change Your Day Perception

Have you ever woken up feeling tired and grumpy? Like something happened to you when you were dead asleep-as if you’re from a battle field. Well you’re not alone millions of people sometimes wake up weak, tired and feeling probably angry and unhappy. To change your day perception, i will share a few tips here.

Change Your Day Perception
Change Your Day Perception – Credit:

This usually happens due to fatigue caused by over working, sleeping late and so many other emotional and psychological feelings. Such feelings can ruin your whole day in most cases that’s why you sometimes see your boss or fellow employee complaining endlessly and you keep wondering why.

Well, am here to share with how you may stay focused and change your day perception with these nine amazing tips.

1.  Start your day with a word of prayer no matter your religion

It gives you focus and direction. Next take a warm or cold shower depending on your preference, a shower will help you feel refreshed and this will reduce on your fatigue levels. After this take off some time to plan your day. Step out knowing what exactly you’re aiming at and what you want to achieve throughout the day. This will keep your mind off other things but your goal.

2. Choose your best outfit as this contributes big on how to change your day perception

There’s nothing more fascinating than stepping out of the house feeling smart and adorable. Being smart helps you feel confident about yourself and this is a key to changing your day’s perception. Your day is better if you’re smart and confident.

3. Talk to yourself, this is one of my favorite tips

On a dull morning I always go in the mirror long and wide enough to see a full view of myself. I then look at myself and talk to the inner me “Rebecca you going to make it out there today, you’re a winner” such words keep echoing in my spirit everywhere I go throughout the day. This kind of confession awakens your esteem, when you confess that you’re a winner this statement will flow through your body, veins, inner man and direct to your spirit. You will feel that strength throughout the day.

4. Keep positive, this is very essential if you’re trying to get a better day

Never and I repeat it, never give space to negativity in your mind, the moment you do just know your day has been ruined. Even if you meet the most annoying person on your way out, keep positive. Don’t give satisfaction to the person trying to annoy you, just let them be below your standards and you can’t react in the same way. Tell yourself you’re better than that, see only the positive things about yourself and others and ignore the negative things. This will help you stay in a happy mood and you will have a good day.

5. Eat something sweet. I have used this strategy and it works for me

When I wake up grumpy and in a bad mood I make sure I spare some money and buy my favorite chocolate. Eating chocolate or something very sweet calms my spirit and emotions, I always focus on the sweetness and by the time am done eating I have already forgotten all the things that were annoying or stressing me.

6. Did you know that children can help change your day’s perception?

Change Your Day Perception
Change Your Day Perception – Credit:

Most people think children are a stress factor but this is not true. If you have an hour off at work, talk to a child or watch a video were children are the main role players. Children are so innocent and you will never get a smile as genuine as that of a child, concentrate and listen to what they tell you or if they are playing watch them closely and try to understand why they do what they do. This keeps your mind off all stress factors and to make it better, keep that jolly child like mood throughout the day.

7. In order to have a good day, try to do something you love doing

If you enjoy dancing do a ten minutes dance before anything in the morning. Doing this will help you be happy and keep you in the best mood ever.

8. Try to think about your past achievements and happy moments

Reminiscing on such good memories can change your day. These memories give you the confidence that you’re an achiever and you can still be happy as you used to in the past.

9. Take time to love yourself. Think of the fact that there is only one you in the world and never will the rest be you

Think of yourself as the best person that was ever born in this world, appreciate yourself for all the good things you have done, encourage yourself for what you’re about to face and fall in love with who you are, your personality, character and looks. This will help you have a better day because you will finally realize it’s you and no one else that can create the kind of day you want.

Well with all these tips I can guarantee you a joyful day throughout. Anything left out?  Please share with us in the comment section below.


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