Create your Own Blog in 2017

6 Easy Steps to Create your Own Blog in 2017

A checklist and What to Consider Before Taking your Blog Online

Every business person has a dream of taking their business to the next level, say marketing your products around the country or abroad. Well, this doesn’t come with just sitting at your work place, it needs an extra effort something that will probably drain you in order to make you. In this article, i will share with you 6 Easy Steps to Create your Own Blog in 2017

People now days do marketing on social media like twitter, facebook, etc. And some go an extra mile to get a blog. Blogs are much better since they are more independent from social media platforms.

So many people open their blogs and think that’s all but it turns out in the end that more is left behind.

To Create your Own Blog in 2017, here are things one should consider before taking it online.

I will try to take you through some tips and I hope next time you put them into consideration.

1. First and foremost you need to get a domain name

A domain name will help your traffic easily locate you, it will work as your identity online and as a matter of fact, a good domain name will attract more traffic. After getting a domain, get a blog host to host your blog. Be keen to see how fast the hosting platform is because this will contribute to the number of traffic visiting your blog.

2. Research about your competitors before you decide create your own blog in 2017. Yes, your competitors

Create your Own Blog in 2017
Create your Own Blog in 2017 – Credit: Shutterstock

You have to know how they are carrying on business online, how do they market their products, what do they post, how they communicate with clients. Ask yourself all the 4Ws and Hs this will broaden your mind and give you a clear understanding of what your aim and target should be.

3. Consider what kind of content you will be posting on your blog

Check other blogs and see what really works well. Is it the long detailed articles or the short summarized articles, weigh and see what will actually work better for the kind of business you are trying to promote. Different products have a better way of marketing them, does your product require a lot of explanation? If it does then you will obviously need detailed adverts in order to capture your market well. This means you need to know who will be writing these adverts and when you will be posting in order to keep your blog active.

4. After the content, consider the kind of photos you will be using

It’s not enough to write an article or advert and leave it hanging without a photo, photos attract people to read your post and they add beauty to whatever you are posting and using the right pictures can actually work wonders. So consider if you are going to use your original designed pictures or you will need some help from a professional.

5. Before everything, consider getting or growing a mailing list

Create your Own Blog in 2017
Create your Own Blog in 2017 – Credit: Shutterstock

To Create your Own Blog in 2017, a mailing list is a must. This is important because it will help you communicate with people directly and this will help you get to know their needs and whether they are satisfied with the current product or not and what improvements should be done.

6. Consider making a blog that is responsive to all kinds of devices

Some blogs fail to load on small devices like phones and this isn’t a good practice because it hinders a lot of traffic who are in this case clients to access your blog hence loss of market. So make sure your new blog can support these devices otherwise you will lose out. You may consider using a tool responsive test.

Anything left out, kindly share with us in the comment section below.


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