Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs

3 Unique Preferences Between Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs

I wouldn’t want to suppose that you taken the preferences between point and shoot cameras to DSLRs into account before your came across this article. However, if you have taken your time to notice, you will realize that currently, one will come across ‘cool’ and amazing images taken by either point and shoot cameras or DSLRs that are composed of  landscapes, amazing waterfalls and stunning scenes,  and most definitely family photos, awesome faces on images ( selfies) . This will automatically lead you to the following question.

1. Are Point and Shoot Cameras Replacing DSLR cameras?

With the rise of smart phone cameras, many people have predicted or even confirmed the death of DSLRs. It is even obvious that point and shoot camera owners more often use their phones than a digital camera to capture memories.

However, does this mean that point and shoot cameras are replacing digital cameras? I will take you through this argument to give you my view of whether phone cameras are taking over digital cameras.

  • Smart Phone Cameras are On a Rise.

Most photographers might jeer at this idea of a smartphone cameras / point and shoot cameras ever replacing their amazing DSLRs, but they ought to keep in mind that point and shoot cameras are continuously improving. These phone developments enable users to take professional-looking photos with one press of a button via a device that fits in their pocket.

Therefore, one of the side effects of the rise in popularity of the smart phones is a decline in compact camera sales. The decline in compact camera sales doesn’t mean that people have stopped taking photos but it simply means that they are just using smart phones instead.


2. Are SmartPhone Cameras any Better than DSLR Cameras?

  • Portability and Convenience (Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs)

Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs
Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs – Cedit Pexels.com

A smartphone camera is very convenient, it’s portable and of course it’s always the closest gadget on your hands. And besides, it is always connected to share your images in just a few seconds. You can share images from your phone within seconds, via text message, by attaching them to an email or by posting them to Facebook.

However, sharing from a digital camera is slightly trickier, as you have to carry a cable or card reader around with you and have access to a computer. And it is obvious that apart from a few cases of professional photographers who move around with cameras, it’s highly unlikely that one will be leaving the house armed with a compact camera every day. But, with the convenience of a phone, one will just get it out and take a short with ease.

  • Image editing (Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs)

Nowadays, there are a variety of Smartphone applications that are purposely for photography. These help you twist your image’s exposure, help you to add frames remove or add colour and even enable you to make any move you want. This makes it easier for you to get your creative image appearance within your phone. And to make it worse, most of these applications are free.


3. Why DSLR Cameras will always be the Best in Photography.

  • Picture quality

Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs
Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs – Credit Pexels.com

If we are looking at the preference of Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs, then its very obvious to talk about the picture quality of a digital camera. It will always prove its worth. Smartphone photographs can be very amazing and are fine for photographing still subjects in good light, yes! But they are never as multi talented as digital cameras which are still superior and perfect with moving objects and in poor light.

Besides, digital cameras have larger sensors which ensure that the image quality is better in all kinds of light, the flash is more powerful than that of a phone.  They have versatile lenses and offer at least 10x zoom which phones cannot afford.

Are point and shoot cameras still taking over the DSLRs?

Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs
Point and Shoot Cameras to DSLRs – Credit: NY Times

For professional photographers and those who earn a living by taking photos or those who count photography as a serious hobby, whether they are shooting photography or video, a DSLR camera is a powerful option for them. These digital cameras are enjoyed by enthusiasts and professionals and therefore to them, the camera phone will never replace a DSLR.

But for people who simply want to take photographs and share them, a smartphone is the best choice for them. No wonder, smartphone cameras have made people obsessed with images, taking and sharing photos at a high rate. People are now more familiar to photography and there is a greater demand for pictures than ever with smart phone cameras.

Whats your take? Share with us.



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