Taking Photos in Public Places

5 Quick and Easy Tips For Your Outdoor Photography

The world is running at a terrific speed and day by day people discover so many new and amazing things. With these new inventories, cameras are everywhere almost every phone has a camera, photos are now a great deal and selfies are becoming the order of the day. All these put together are use in one way or the other in outdoor photography.

Unlike in the past where photos were ceremonial and only taken in a studio, now people can take photos anytime and anywhere. This is good because it helps one capture all the good and bad moments but so many people forget to consider their surroundings.

When taking photos more so in a public place or festival (outdoor photography), you have to consider so many things.

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Tips you should keep in mind on your next outdoor photography project

1. Consider if the place is “public”

Not all the public places are public in the real sense, some places have restrictions and you can’t take photos without permission or sometimes taking photos is actually prohibited. Places like the embassies  prohibit photography and so taking photos in such a place can amount to an offence. Be conscious the next time you think of taking a photo or else you might face the law for just a snap shot.

2. Make sure your major focus is the subject matter

Taking Photos in Public Places
Taking Photos in Public Places – Credit: Pexels.com

If it’s the cake, let it be the cake and if the celebrants focus on those ones. Photos without a major subject matter don’t usually come out well so in order to avoid this, focus and capture exactly what you need.

3. You got to be conscious about the people around you

Some people don’t want to be captured in a stranger’s photo shoots. So when taking photos for your outdoor photography project, make sure you don’t include other people who are not supposed to be included even when it’s a newspaper picture. If you badly need them in the photo then ask for their permission otherwise you might end up being flogged.

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4. Consider whether you are not blocking other event / outdoor photographers

At parties people with all sorts of cameras flood the bride and groom or celebrants when cutting the cake and this is totally wrong because it hinders the main event photographers (who are in most cases paid to do the job and have to deliver) to do their work. If you’re the hired service provider make sure you get a better view and try to avoid mingling with the crowd as your work will end up being shoddy.

5. Consider the safety of your phone or camera

Taking Photos in Public Places
Taking Photos in Public Places – Credit: Pexels.com

Public places and festivals harbor all kinds of hooligans and thieves so you have to hold your phone or camera with extra care so that it’s not snatched from you.

Outdoor photography is a really fascinating thing to do, however there are challenges on deciding where to shoot, which angle and at what time. Please share with us in the comment section below about your experience.

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