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5 Things You Didn’t Know about SmartPhone Cameras and DSLRs

A dslr camera can take much better photos in low light, better action shots, and can produce the best quality images. On the other hand, a smartphone camera like the iPhone gives great shots when used rightly with the right lighting. However, a dslr camera still produces noticeably better shots but a phone camera is also on the move to great shots. In this article, i will share with you 5 Things You Didn’t Know about SmartPhone Cameras and DSLRs.

Smartphone cameras and dslr cameras
Smartphone cameras and dslr cameras – Credit:

It is true that the quality of a photograph taken using a dslr camera is always likely to be better than one taken on a smartphone. But with the improvement of the latest phones like the iPhone 6 plus, a phone camera when used with the right settings can now take a photo that can be compared to one taken by a dslr camera.

Comparing smartphone cameras and dslr cameras

Since smartphone cameras have proved worth enough to be compared with dslr cameras, I will take you through a comparison between a smartphone cameras and a dslr cameras.

1. Lenses and optical zoom

A dslr camera has the ability to use different and interchangeable lenses that give you more options. With a dslr camera, the zoom lenses give you the ability to shoot further away on more 200m range options. Thus with a dslr camera, zoom is achieved by the lens optics with no reduction in resolution or quality of the image.

On the other hand, with a smartphone camera, there are issues with the lenses where a photo darkens or blurs near the edges, altered sharpness and many other distortions. A smartphone camera usually doesn’t have the ability to zoom, it just enlarges a portion of the image, resulting in reduced clarity and sharpness.

Therefore to increase your reach with a smart phone, you need to use digital zoom. However, digital zoom is no match to the optical zoom of a dslr and it lowers the overall quality of the image taken.

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2. Sensors

A dslr camera accommodates and has room for a larger sensor which produced better images. By having larger sensors, dslr cameras are capable of capturing more information, producing photos that have more contrast, more accurate colors, and less noise, especially when shooting in low-light situations.

A smartphone camera is not able to accommodate large sensors and it has a lot of non-camera parts in addition to the fact that it is slim and compact. Even phone cameras that have a bit larger sensors closer to point and shoot, cannot match a dslr camera sensor.

3. Shutter speed

With a dslr camera, you are able to capture fast action sequences in an amazing way and bring out wonderful images. If you want to take a shot of something in its tracks, and with sharp image quality, that’s a job for a fast camera with a good lens like a dslr camera.

On the other hand, when using a smartphone camera, you might get lucky and freeze something in motion, but a fast shutter speed is something that’s difficult to achieve. However, some smartphone cameras, like the iphone 6 plus offer a burst mode that you can use for capturing multiple sequential shots of a moving subject, but its images cannot beat the images shot by a dslr camera that has a shutter speed and good lens.

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4. Picture quality

The dslr camera produces the best quality pictures even when taken in area settings with poor lighting and fast moving objects. This is a quality that the phone camera is striving hard to achieve. Their larger sensors ensure that image quality is better in all kinds of light, the battery life is usually better, the flash more powerful and the lenses generally offer at least 10x zoom, none of which a phone camera can compete with.

On the other hand, photographs taken by a phone camera can be amazing and great. With the improved smartphones like the iPhone 6 plus, a phone camera is now able to give great shots that one can even compare to a dslr camera.

5. Convenience

Smartphone cameras and dslr cameras
Smartphone cameras and dslr cameras – Credit:

A dslr camera is not so convenient like the phone camera. A dslr is not portable to be with at all times and after taking shots it will take you quite some time to share your images to your contacts or on share media like Facebook. On some days when you are not carrying a dslr camera, you will miss out taking great shots and that means that you will have to use a phone camera that you carry everywhere because of its portability.

A phone camera on the other hand, is the most convenient, easy to carry and very portable. On the part of sharing, a phone camera is the most ready and the most convenient allowing you to share your images there and then on social media. The convenience of camera phones also makes it easier to edit and share photographs on-the-go, instead of waiting until you get home.


While a phone camera now takes amazing images that you can even compare to a dslr camera, however, it still lacks the versatility and functionality of a dslr camera. Like I have discussed, a dslr camera still has reliable qualities like larger sensors that favour it to take great shots that a phone camera cannot take.

However, as the technological world advances, there may be a possibility of a time when a phone camera is able to confidently compete and offer the options and quality that allow it to match a dslr camera. But for now, a dslr offers great shots and still produces superior quality and provide the versatility the professionals need in order to capture moments and create beautiful imagery.

On the other hand, for a phone camera, its an everyday use to capture great moments with great pictures with convenience For the everyday consumer, a smartphone packs more than enough pixels and features to be fun and affordable.


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