Top 5 Reasons Why your 3G Modem Losses Network

Discover the top 5 reasons why your 3G modem losses network signals

It is a common problem to be cut shot of your network signals when using Internet on your computer using your 3G modem. This is one of the most disturbing problems that have affected many people and you could definitely be among them. If your 3G modem losses network / Internet signals and they keep disconnecting every now and then especially when you are using your browser and busy doing your work, it can be very frustrating and disappointing.

Most times, if you ignore this persistent issue and it is not fixed, it can also lead to system errors on your computer and could eventually result in windows running slow or even leading to windows crushing. This experience of Internet instability on your 3G modem can be a routine disturbance if not fixed.

Why your 3G modem losses network

In your Internet experience, when you face issues of your 3G modem Internet disconnection and unstable network on your computer again and again, it is definitely because of several possible reasons that you could analyse, fix or find a solution for. Here are the possible reasons that could be making your 3G modem lose Internet signals and how to fix them.

  1. Modem

3g-modem-losses-network – Credit : Net Gear

Your 3G modem may be having trouble keeping a stable network connection. It is possible that this can be due to internal programming issues on your 3G modem. This can be fixed by resetting your 3G modem by turning it off for like 10 seconds. After this, you can then go ahead and turn it back on or plug it in again in your computer to secure a connection. After this, you have to open your browser to check if the connection is back again and stable. However, if the connection is still unstable then the problem may not be from your 3G modem itself but maybe from other reasons.

  1. Network Card

When you are facing an unstable Internet disconnection from your 3G modem, it may also be possible that the network card is experiencing issues with keeping a stable Internet connection. You may also need to fix this and it can be done by either resetting the network card or by reinstalling the network card drivers.  By resetting the network card you need to remove the network card from your 3G modem and place it back after a few minutes. Then plug in your 3G modem again and wait for the Internet signal to refresh and secure a connection.

  1. Internet Service Provider (ISP)


Your Internet service providers are usually the right people to handle your 3G modem Internet network related issues. Your Internet service provider may be having trouble keeping the Internet network stable. You need to consult your Internet service providers in case of any Internet disconnection. Usually, there may be a problem resulting from their end. Consulting your Internet service provider is another thing you should do in case of any Internet disconnection. The technical support from your service provider is able to check the connection lines and identify if there is a problem with the connection. They usually have the solution and may also have other suggestions for fixing your Internet connection.

  1. Malicious infections on your computer

What is malicious code (software) and how can it be overcame?
What is malicious code (software) and how can it be overcame? – Credit: Pixabay.com

Having a computer with a severe virus or spyware infection can affect your 3G modem Internet connection on your computer. This can cause your 3G modem to lose network signals on your computer.  You need to have your computer scanned and cleaned to make sure that there are no viruses and any other viral threats on your computer that may alter the network signals on your 3G modem.  With such a severe virus or spyware infection, you need to remove the virus or spyware infection from your computer in order to stabilize the network signals on your 3G modem.

  1. Anti-virus programmes

Related to the above, the unstable network signals on your 3G modem Internet could be caused by an installed antivirus on your computer. This is because some antivirus programmes have built in security that can easily interfere with any Internet connection on your computer hence making your 3G modem lose network signals.

To fix this issue, there are some possible ways you can use to stabilize network signals on your 3G modem. For example, you can try disabling each setting in the security configuration for the anti-virus programme to see if any of them could possibly be causing the network signals to be lost on your 3G.

However, if there is a setting causing your 3G modem to lose network signal on your computer, check with the antivirus program manufacturer to determine if those settings are totally necessary to keep your computer protected. If you discover that they are not necessary, keep the m disabled in order to keep a stable network signal on of your 3G modem on your computer.


These are usually the main and common causes for the Internet connection on your 3G modem to continuously connect and disconnect. However, if your 3G Internet connection is still unstable after trying all the suggestions above, you may have a defective 3G modem or your network card may be faulty. You may want to try getting a new 3G modem, or network card to see if any of those devices are the causes of the problem and a new one resolves it.

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