3 Best Alternative Phone Cameras to DSLRs

3 Best Alternative Phone Cameras to DSLRs

 It is evident that phone cameras have already overtaken point and shoot cameras. Today, phone cameras are even getting better and more superior to the point of being compared to dslr cameras. Like it is said by many, a good camera is that which you are with. Therefore, many people have come to realise that it is unnecessary to carry a heavy and not portable dslr camera when you have a portable phone in your pocket capable of capturing high quality images close to the images taken using dslr cameras.

Nowadays, phone cameras have greatly improved to the extent that they take quality pictures and can therefore be used in capturing events, memories and great shots instead of using dslr cameras. Here are the 3 best alternative phone cameras to dslrs.

Best alternative phone cameras to dslrs

 The capability of a camera is one of the key selling point on a phone today, since photography has become popular world wide. Most phone cameras are now very good at taking quality shots, but I will cite out for you the 3 best alternatives to dslr cameras that take quality images.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7

alternative-phone-cameras-to-dslrs-samsung-galaxy-s7 Credit: SlashGear
Alternative-phone-cameras-to-dslrs -samsung-galaxy-s7 Credit: SlashGear

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great phone and it has one of the best phone cameras capable of replacing dslr cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has key features that enable it to be one of the best phone cameras. These include, the rear 12 mega pixels, 4K, 1080p at 60fps, optical stabilization, the front 5 mega pixels, 1080p video, motion panorama, Slo-mo: 720p 240fps and it also has time-lapse. The Samsung Galaxy S7 gives great shots and thus is able to take sharp, superb and more detailed photos with virtually no noise. It takes images with colours that are vibrant with exposures spot on.

Like it is sometimes, the most photograph-able moments of our lives happen when there’s not enough light. It happens when we are either indoors or when the sun has set. Even in low light, this amazing Samsung galaxy S7 camera takes amazing images because it has larger pixels of 12 mega pixels on the image sensor that capture so much light that your photos come out sharp and detailed. And for the selfies, the Samsung galaxy S7’s front 5 mega pixels camera has a decent wide-angle lens which produces sharp and well-exposed self-portraits.

2. iPhone 6s Plus

Alternative-phone-cameras-to-dslrs iphone-6s

The iPhone 6S Plus is one of the greatest phone cameras that are the best and capable of replacing dslr cameras. Several camera comparisons prove that the iPhone 6S Plus camera is capable of beating top rivals, including dslr cameras in performance tests of quality pictures.

The iPhone 6S Plus key features are, 12 mega pixels BSI CMOS sensor with on-sensor phase detection, F2.2 aperture, optical image stabilization, Dual-LED flash, 4K-video and 5 mega pixels front camera.

The iPhone 6S Plus gives clear and quality images that you would compare with images taken by dslr cameras. The iPhone 6S Plus takes images that are sharper, better-exposed, and is good at handling white balance. From the tests made from Tomsguide , in comparison with the Nikon D3300 dslr, the iPhone 6S plus took shots of some images that were better than some images taken by the Nikon D3300.

3. HTC 10

alternative-phone-cameras-to-dslrs-htc-10 Credit: Dotdashes
Alternative-phone-cameras-to-dslrs – Credit: Dotdashes

The HTC 10 camera is also another of the great cameras that are capable of being an alternative to the dslr cameras. The HTC 10 has these features, 12 mega pixels, 4K video, 1080p at 30fps, with optical stabilization, front 5 mega pixels, 1080p video, with panorama, Slo-mo: 720p 240fps and time-lapse. The HTC 10 12 mega pixel camera has a normal sensor and with the optical stabilisation help to give decent, clear and amazing photos both during day and during the night hours. In addition to this, the HTC is excellent in taking amazing photos in auto mode.

The HTC 10 has a great video quality and in its 4K there is plenty of detail and the optical stabilisation gives steady and clear videos. A great quality of the HTC 10 is that it can record Hi-res audio with videos which makes the quality of the mics better than other phones.


You may be thinking of leaving your dslr camera home and opting to use a more portable and convenient phone camera that will take great and quality images similar to your dslr images. Therefore, for a convenient adventure in photography but with quality and great images, the Samsung galaxy 7S, the iPhone 6S Plus and the HTC 10 are a great deal for your quality photography.

However, there are many more phone cameras that take great images, like the Google Nexus 6P, the Huawei P9, the LG G5, the Xiaomi Mi 5, Sony Xperia Z5 and many others. They all have different qualities that make them give simple but unique images.


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