5 Quick Tips on How to Avoid Email Spammers 2017

On how to avaid email spammers in 2017, i reflect back to when i opened my first email in my first year of College. I can vividly remember the joy I felt like it was yesterday. I was able to communicate with all my friends in other schools and all my relatives in other countries without having to post letters. This was so amazing for a 13year old and I couldn’t imagine life without my email address anymore, I woke up every morning to check for new emails from my friends and I always made it a point to leave an email for everyone and this was more like a hobby.

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So many years have passed now and I still use my email for communication with my friends, relatives and clients and before I would receive a lot of spams from unknown senders but to keep my email secure and safe, I did 5 tips that I will take you through on how to avoid email spammers.

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A spam is unsolicited, irrelevant email, sent in bulk to a list of people according to Google. These spams are always directed to a number of people sometimes to trick them into disclosing their passwords so that hackers can easily get access to one’s email and others carry viruses that will destroy one’s data.

Here are the 5 Quick Tips on How to Avoid Email Spammers 2017


1. Limit / Avoid giving out your email address online

This can expose it to wrong people who will take advantage and send you spam messages. Some pages online scan information and this information is used by spam senders and hackers so to be safe, don’t give out your email to people you don’t know online.

2. Findout who the sender is FIRST


When you receive a spam or any message you think is a spam read it, try to find out who the sender is some emails can go into spams yet they are not, so read it and be sure before blocking it. When reading this email, be keen to see the spellings, punctuation and sentence construction, most spams have wrong spelling and poor punctuation.  As you read, look at the links on such emails and verify if they are from spammers.

3. Just Don’t Respond to Spammers’ Emails


It is always safe not to respond to spams, if you do they will know that the email is active and keep bothering you with their messages. If you don’t respond to their messages they will give up sending you the messages. Just read and block but don’t be tempted to reply otherwise you will be adding salt to the wound.

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4. Block All Spam Emails and Senders


After identifying if the email is a spam, then the next step is blocking it. Yahoo and Gmail enable blocking and reporting spams, when you click on the message you will get an option of report and block and this will automatically avoid more messages from the spammer to your inbox.  If you fail to block it using yahoo and Gmail, then use spam cop. Spam cop is a DNS blacklisting company that can blacklist the spammers hosting company’s email IP address.

5. Use more than one email address and never make your user name the same as your email address

If your user name is the same as your email, it will be very easy for spammers to guess your email and send you irrelevant messages. Most spammers know that people who use the same user name just add gmail.com or yahoo.com to their names so they will guess it right and send you messages. To avoid this use something unique and complex, add a number when spelling your name like Re63cca, this will be hard to guess and more secure.


When you use more than one email, make sure you direct all of them to your email so that you save time of opening so many emails accounts and when you receive a spam you can easily block the email the spammers used and still keep your main email.

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Share with me the other ways you have used to avoid email spammers in your own way in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips on How to Avoid Email Spammers 2017”

  1. I like the part that we should not respond to spam mails. I had made a separate Gmail to use online. It keeps my personal inbox spam free.
    Except this well designed blog and lot of interesting to see here.

    1. Hi Rishi
      Thanks for stopping by a dropping a comment.
      Its a pleasure to ready from you that you like this blog. We hope you give us a visit some other time.
      Well, gmail is pretty awesome as far as spam protection is concerned!

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