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Email Security E-book: What You Should Know About Email Security 2017

Here are 10 reasons why you should read our Email Security E-book. How it will help you and what you can do about email insecurity and unauthorized access. We have compiled some of the most recent email security breaches and phishing attacks on Yahoo and Gmail and we have put them all in one place.

Email Security is generally a collective measure of keeping private information sent through emails secure against unauthorized access or loss. Reading our email security e-book will let you discover that because your email is such a commonly used form of communication, it is a popular channel for the spread of malware, spam, and phishing attacks; such as using deceptive messages to entice recipients into divulging sensitive information, opening attachments or clicking on links that install malware on your device.

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With the sensitivity of your email account information and the common likeliness of malicious attacks, here are the reasons why you should not miss out on reading our email security e-book 2017.

1. Be Aware of Email Security Risks

Email security risks are on a rise and many people have fallen victim of such malicious attacks. Our email security e-book will equip you with knowledge about email hacking, why hackers want your email account and the ways they use to easily access your email account. This is great knowledge since most people do not believe that their email accounts can be a hacker’s target. The truth about why hackers want your email account will shock you when you read this e-book.

Email Security E-book-1
Email Security E-book-1

2. Get Guidelines on Securing Your Email

When you read our email security e-book, you will be able to get guidelines on how to secure your email account. These guidelines will make you be aware of the different measures that you can put in place to ensure safety of your email account. It is true that your email provider maybe having security measures for your email account, however the security measures that you put as an email user determine the security strength of your email account.

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3. Know the Safety Measures of Your Email Provider

Our email security e-book will guide you through your email account provider security features. Some people just use their email accounts but never utilize the available security features from their email providers. For example, the two factor verification where your email account requires a code from your phone every time you are to login. This means that a hacker would not easily enter into your email account unless they have your phone. For many more security features, you ought to read our e-book.

4. Know the Most Secure Email Providers

When you have the knowledge about the most secure email providers with the most secure features, then the next time you are to open an email account, you will know the right choice in case you are focusing on having the most secure account. Here, the e-book introduces you to “End to End encryption” and the email providers that avail this strong security measure.

5. Know the Current Email Security Features for Your Email Account

You may be still relying on the outdated email account security features yet there are updated ones that you are missing out. An example, is for the Yahoo mail users who may have not yet taken up the updated Yahoo mail security features since the massive Yahoo data breach that affected billions of yahoo users. Reading our e-book will avail you with the updated security features for your email providers including,, AOL mail and many others.

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6. Identify Whether Your Email Account Has Been Compromised or Not

Our e-book will help you identify the common signs of a compromised email account. Some people’s email accounts are hacked into and they do not usually notice until it’s too late and maybe one of their contacts has alerted them first about receiving unusual emails from them. Or when they are unlucky and the hacker has changed their password and they try to log in and fail to access their account. This e-book will help you with tips to identify whether your email has been compromised or not.

7. Immediate Measures to Implement If  Your Email Has/Is Compromised

This e-book will take you through immediate steps to follow when you realize that your email has been compromised. This will help you to be able to recover your email account in case of such a malicious case. The ebook details for you security guidelines to recover your email and also gives you an inset of the immediate action to take on before the hacker completely takes over your email account.

Email Security E-book-2
Email Security E-book-2

8. Secure Email Internet Habits

Our e-book will take you through a secure way of internet usage that will help you adopt habits that prevent you from leaving your email account at a risk of being easily hacked into. For example, using strong passwords and avoiding public Wi-Fi. It will be interesting for you to discover the many risky internet habits that you may have been using.

9. Common Password Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Most people never value the great importance of using a strong hard to guess password. By the time you finish reading this e-book, you will be knowing why you should use a strong password, the common password mistakes and the guidelines to creating a strong password. For example, some people, use the same password for different email accounts, and you may be in this category of people.

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10.Get to Know About the Massive Yahoo Mail Data Breaches And Gmail Phishing Attack

In this e-book, you will get to know about the two Yahoo data breaches and how to protect your Yahoomail account. Also, for the Gmail users, you will be introduced to the Gmail phishing attack that was/is targeting Gmail users. You will learn how this phishing attack work/s (ed) and security guidelines to protect both your Yahoomail and Gmail account from falling a victim.

Email Security E-book 4
Email Security E-book 4


This e-book will change your attitude about email security, and it will take you through email security guidelines that will help you get out of the risk of your account being easily compromised by hackers.

Email security is one way of ensuring that your online presence is not compromised. Taking up the guidelines in this e-book will help you get out of the vulnerability of falling a victim of email insecurity. This will make you be aware of the risks of not taking email security seriously. Falling a victim of hacking is one experience that you would not want to experience. Therefore, this e-book is a great guide for your email account security.

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