What You Should Know About Web Hosting Review Sites – [90% Are Wrong!]

What Are Web Hosting Review Sites?

Web hosting review sites are those sites that rank the best web hosting providers having studied their hosting qualities, prices, customer service, uptime and many others. The most popular web host service providers include; eHost, Hostgator, SiteGround, BlueHost, InmotionHosting, Godaddy, Liquid Web, 1and1, JustHost, Web.com among others.

Web hosting review sites usually review the biggest and most popular hosting sites when they are ranking the best hosting service providers. This is why they usually leave out the unknown and cheaper hosting service providers. These review sites do not take a step to look deep into the cheap and unknown web hosting service providers.

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However, not all the cheap and unknown web host service providers are unreliable as the point may seem to be. There are cheaper service providers who are excellent and even beat some the popular hosting service providers. They are usually not reviewed and are left out as the unknown yet they could actually be better than most of the popular ones, the only limitation is that they are not reviewed.

So, lets dig deep into why most web hosting review sites are wrong and how?

Like I mentioned earlier, these web hosting review sites usually leave out the cheap and unknown web hosting services providers and never bring them out for ranking. However it is not a guarantee that the most popular and big service providers are the best. These cheap and unknown service providers are reliable and good hosting sites but are never ranked that they ought to be.

Here Are The Reasons Why Most of the Web Hosting Review Sites Are Wrong

What-You-Should-Know-About-Web-Hosting-Review-Sites---[90%-Are-Wong!]-2 Credit: Pixabay
What-You-Should-Know-About-Web-Hosting-Review-Sites—[90%-Are-Wong!]-2 Credit: Pixabay

1. Some do not review the web hosting sites on the competence level

This is because most of these review sites make their reviews from their affiliate payout levels, not based on the competence level of these web hosting sites.  Literally, this means that the cheap and unknown web hosting sites are not reviewed, rather the popular websites that pay these review sites are reviewed.  Which means that these reviews do not review all web hosting service providers but just a few.

2. Web hosting review sites first consider the EIG Group

Endurance International Group is a company that acquires web hosting businesses. It is also obvious that most of these review sites are sponsored by EIG to rank the EIG web hosting companies. This automatically rules out the other cheap but excellent web hosting service providers.

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3. Promotion of the already popular and big web hosting companies

Most of the web hosting review sites give their rankings to promote these big and known companies. Here they may even receive a commission from them. Considering this, cheap and unknown web hosting companies are never usually ranked hence are left out and not given the credit and rank that they deserve.

In reviewing the web host service providers, it is essential to review all the service providers. Unfortunately, review sites only rank a small part of the service providers. This gives a picture of the most popular web host service providers as the best service providers which is usually not the case. Some cheap and unknown service providers are great and excellent web hosts though they are not usually reviewed.

Cheap Web hosts Versus Your Budget. How To Find Them?

What-You-Should-Know-About-Web-Hosting-Review-Sites---[90%-Are-Wong!]4 Credit: Pixabay
What-You-Should-Know-About-Web-Hosting-Review-Sites—[90%-Are-Wong!]4 Credit: Pixabay

Not to be like most publishers who again write about cheap web hosts and still they look at earning a commission from them, for the that reason we will not mention any of those sites here, however let’s take you through on how to spot some of them.

Lets suppose you are a small startup business or an individual who would wish to have a web presence with a fixed budget of about $1 per month for hosting. Now here is the trick, you will navigate to google and use this search terms { [1 dollar webhosting] , [1$ webhosting]  }. In your search, maintain the brackets for an exact match of what you’re looking for. Google will try as much as possible to find the exact results you are in search of. Please don’t be surprised if you find the “big guys” again appear in your results. This is simply because they also offer cheaper plans for entry customers and then later or in the next billing period, you have to pay their regular fees. Others, will appear in the sponsored listings at the top and/or bottom of the search results.  But our aim is to find a $1 per month web host for a life time or less. Period.

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So after getting some results, please checkout there Alexa rank. I recommend those that have a global rank of 300,000 and below. If you think their time in service so far matters to you, you may consider checking out their domain age by conducting a whois search.

Choosing The Right Web Host Service Provider

Knowing your hosting needs plus your budget are the most important factors you should consider before

What-You-Should-Know-About-Web-Hosting-Review-Sites---[90%-Are-Wong!] 3 Credit: Pixabay
What-You-Should-Know-About-Web-Hosting-Review-Sites—[90%-Are-Wong!] 3 Credit: Pixabay

choosing a web hosting service provider. The right web hosting service provider is that which will meet your needs. For example, if you are a startup company, you need to get the best hosting service provider for startup companies.

It is very important to know that most web hosting review sites do not consider the unknown and cheap web hosting service providers. However, some of these unknown service providers have their strength that many not be known. They may actually be very reliable than some of the popular and expensive web host service providers.  Looking through cost and reliability of those service providers will help you choose the right service provider.



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