The Top 100 Hacked Email Passwords Ever!

One of the most significant events to remember about 2016, is that there were massive data breaches on the internet. Right from individual accounts to service providers, hackers compromised a remarkable number of email accounts and company systems within the same period of time. And since then, we happened to discover the top ever hacked email passwords.

The number one reason that gave hackers an easy way to success was the common easy, simple to crack passwords of the big percentage of the email users. According to, from their analysis of a study by many systems and cyber security companies, such as Keeper, the hacks alone in 2016 saw 9 million passwords compromised. With these statistics, there must be something wrong with some passwords that are giving hackers the easy way to go.

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Characteristics of the Most Hacked Email Passwords


There are common passwords that people use repeatedly, not knowing that they are the first attempts even junior hackers can easily crack. Passwords like [ 123456 ], password, [ letmein ], [ 123123 ], [ qwerty ], [ 1q2w3e4r5t ], and many others. You realize that these are number sequences or arrangement of letters on the computer keyboard. These are most hacked and yet the most used passwords. So lets see which characteristics are common in hacked email passwords!

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  1. Use of dictionary words. You should know that hackers use password cracking software to try every possible combination in a list of most popular words. You can avoid your passwords from being easily cracked with dictionary attacks by avoiding the use of dictionary words as passwords. Using dictionary words gives hackers a direct route to cracking your password. These include; [ password ],[ football ],[ dragon ], [ basketball ],[ welcome ],[ secret ] and many others.
  1. A password containing your personal details. People have reluctantly continued to use their personal details for their passwords. However, this is one of the parts that make cracking easy for the hackers. Every hacker knows that most people use their personal details in their passwords. Such details include, names (spouse names, pets’ names friends’ names, etc), birthdays and other personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. But, you should remember that it is very easy for a determined hacker to know these details. It is never a good idea to use personal details for a password. Such passwords include,[ michael ],[ ashley ],[ george ], [ 12/02/1993 ], and many others.
  1. Word or number patterns. For easy remembrance, people have continuously used patterns for their passwords. However, these patterns are as easy to crack by a hacker, as they are easy for the email owner to remember. Such passwords include; [ 12345 ],[ 123123 ],[ 123456789 ], [111111], [ 77777 ], [ 55555 ], [ abcd1234 ], and many others.

Well, Here Comes The Top 100: Hacked Email Passwords Ever! 


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From the many incidents of emails being compromised and the fact that there have been a series of massive data breaches, below is a list of the most hacked email passwords as at the time of publishing. I believe you will notice that most of these passwords have the above characteristics. If you happen to have your password among this list, then I advise that you change it as soon as possible.

1.                  123456 2.                  password 3.                  12345678 4.                  qwerty
5.                  12345 6.                  123456789 7.                  football 8.                  1234
9.                  1234567 10.              123123 11.              18atcskd2w 12.              3rjs1la7qe
13.              baseball 14.              welcome 15.              1234567890 16.              abc123
17.              111111 18.              monkey 19.              dragon 20.              mustang
21.              michael 22.              shadow 23.              master 24.              Jennifer
25.              letmein 26.              login 27.              princess 28.              qwertyuiop
29.              1q2w3e4r5t 30.              zxcvbnm 31.              abcdefg 32.              ninja
33.              jordan 34.              superman 35.              google 36.              hunter
37.              iloveyou 38.              trustno1 39.              ranger 40.              freedom
41.              mynoob 42.              tigger 43.              secret 44.              soccer
45.              fuck 46.              batman 47.              killer 48.              hockey
49.              george 50.              charlie 51.              1q2w3e4r 52.              michelle
53.              love 54.              sunshine 55.              jessica 56.              asshole
57.              123321 58.              pepper 59.              daniel 60.              access
61.              654321 62.              joshua 63.              maggie 64.              silver
65.              william 66.              dallas 67.              yankees 68.              ashley
69.              666666 70.              hello 71.              amanda 72.              orange
73.              biteme 74.              computer 75.              sexy 76.              thunder
77.              nicole 78.              ginger 79.              heather 80.              hammer
81.              summer 82.              taylor 83.              austin 84.              merlin
85.              matthew 86.              golfer 87.              cheese 88.              chelsea
89.              patrick 90.              richard 91.              diamond 92.              yellow
93.              bigdog 94.              asdfgh 95.              sparky 96.              cowboy
97.              1qaz2wsx 98.              7777777 99.              123qwe 100.          555555
  • If your password appears on this list then, you ought to know that you are giving hackers a direct route into your account. Changing your password to a stronger one could be the only way to secure your account.

How To Create a Strong Password

  • You may create a strong password that is easy to remember but hard to crack. It is recommended that your password should be very long with many characters (at least 8-16), lower case, upper case, symbols and digits. For example, “I read a book every day at midday to refresh my mind”, the password becomes, “Ir#[email protected]!” You can replace some words with symbols like I have done, “a” with “#”, “at” with “@”, “to” with “2” and “book” with “bk”. Such a password is easy to remember but hard to crack. The only trick is to twist the letters into lower case and upper case, then including symbols and digits.

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After the 2016 scenarios, you ought to switch from an easy to crack password, to a difficult password that is easy for you, but hard for any other person especially hackers. Have a password that will make life hard for a hacker trying to enter into your account.

Just like you would not leave your house with a simple and weak padlock, a password for your account should not be weak too. It should be as strong as the padlock that you leave at your house door. Strong passwords keep your account safe, weak passwords invite intruders.

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