5 Reasons You Should Add Whois Privacy Protection On Your Domain

Many people do not see a reason why they should focus on ensuring Whois Privacy Protection on their domains.  They think that their domain database is not an interest for spammers and therefore just think that they are avoiding additional costs yet they are allowing a compromise on their website.

What is WHOIS Guard or Whois Privacy Protection?  

When your domain name is registered, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires your personal information to be provided. The personal information includes, user full name, email address, contact information and phone number. Without a WHOIS privacy protection, this personal information can be seen by everyone including spammers, identity thieves and many others.

This is why it is worth adding on the costs, but secure your personal information for your website. I am very sure that you put a great deal of effort to protect your privacy when it comes to banking, phone numbers, and even the information that you share on social media, however, the same precaution should be taken with domain registration information.

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Here are the reasons you should add Whois Privacy Protection on your Domain

1. To Protect My Personal Data.


WHOIS guard covers your tracks of the information within your proxy service. This includes hiding your physical location, ownership identity and the designing party. Without Whois Privacy Protection, your private information is available publicly. This includes your full name and phone number as well. The fact is, anyone with an Internet connection can access this personal information and it will be easy to find with a quick online search. This can result into your private information falling in the wrong hands.

2. Stop Unwanted Solicitations and Offers

Leaving out privacy for your personal contact information for your domain is an open invitation from telemarketers, sales people, spammers, and con artists. With availability of your private information, you will start getting a flood of calls and emails about SEO services, content optimization, social media marketing, mailing services, virtual assistants, freelance opportunities from people overseas, and more. This is something you would not enjoy putting up with.

For example, such solicitors may contact you when your domain is nearing expiration, with “renewal services” that actually do nothing to renew the domain. This is why it is very essential to have WHOIS Guard for your domain.

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3. Protect Your Email Address


Using WHOIS privacy allows your registrar to create a unique email address that will be updated fairly often. This unique email address is used in place of your own within the WHOIS database. This is done to keep away unsolicited email from spammers.

4. Prevent Domain Hijacking

Hiding your personal information makes it hard for domain hijackers to attempt to gain access to your account. Domain hijacking used to be a much larger issue. With the Whois Privacy Protection for your domain, no one is able to transfer your domain away from you unless they somehow manage to get access to your domain registrar account and email.

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5. Block Spam

When your name and contact information is visible and easily accessed, it is like inviting spammers into your account. Spammers use every opportunity that they get especially when they have your personal information (that of course includes your email address or will lead then to your email address. When you have privacy for your domain, then it is one way of blocking spam.

5 Reasons You Should Add Whois Privacy Protection On Your Domain. Image Credit: Oxito.com
5 Reasons You Should Add Whois Privacy Protection On Your Domain. Image Credit: Oxito.com

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Securing your personal data is something essential that everyone should be having as number one. Part of managing your online identity means being able to control how much of your personal information is being shared online. Whois Privacy Protection on your domain allows you to ensure the security of your contact details.

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