Best Social Shopping Websites

10 Best Social Shopping Websites On The Internet

Well, one of our readers last week question us to give our view list on which are the best social shopping websites available. Ofcourse like always, we treasure feedback and questions from our readers and followers.

So in this article, we will list down from our view some of the best social shopping websites on the internet and give a brief overview about each one of them.
A recent Nielsen’s study (Consumer Trust in Online, Social and Mobile Advertising Grows) has shown that online consumers are quickly losing trust in most forms of advertising. The study also showed that 92% of consumers trust information from people they know. More and more consumers are turning to their social networks and friends for recommendations and as a source for information.

According to Wiki:  Social shopping is a method of e-commerce where shoppers’ friends become involved in the shopping experience. Social shopping attempts to use technology to mimic the social interactions found in physical malls and stores. With the rise of mobile devices, social shopping is now extending beyond the online world and into the offline world of shopping.

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When it comes down to making a purchase of a product that someone hasn’t bought in the past there is a risk involved. In order to limit this risk, at least from a psychological perspective, people look for social proof that the product or service is worth it.

Unlike pre-existing social shopping sites that dictate to you what you need to buy, sites like Shopcade, Fab and Pinterest shows you products based on your interests (what you follow), and is personally relevant. Shopcade specifically has a perks mechanic built into it that makes it all the more worthwhile- have a look:

The 10 Best Social Shopping Websites On The Internet

1) | The World’s Design Store
Fab is focused on furniture and high-end design.

2) Fancy
Fancy is made for people who cares about exclusive products (Apple fans love this site).

3) Wanelo – Want, Need, Love

4) Moodyo – Social Shopping


6) Shop OpenSky – on OpenSky

7) Shopcade

8) Groupon

I would say the most innovative service I have come across recently would have to be Groupon. Groupon is a social coupon service which delivers a ‘deal of the day’ for your area which you can purchase to redeem at the specified business. It works pretty well because of it’s social nature; you receive the deal of the day via your social networks, and are encouraged to share it via your social networks.

9) Shop

10) Lyst a better way to shop

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Wanelo, Luvocracy, Shopcade and Lyst are built for fashion mainly Svpply is for people who love product selection and curators and Opensky is good if you love to follow famous trendsetters.

To be precise, every online shopping site is ‘social’ in the true sense of the term as it is visited by millions of viewers.

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