How To Improve Page Rank in 2017. [4 Great Ways]

Regarding on how to improve page rank, your page rankings totally depends on how well your page is performing. It is determined by the quality of your content, your backlinks, your site visitors and many others. As a blogger or website administrator, your page rank is both directly and indirectly related to your site’s traffic ( usually caused by quality content that people like and keep referring to), and backlinks.

Also, it is important to know that when your content is educative, informative, fresh, original  and unique, more sites will trust you and link to you, your site will have better credibility. It is in this article that i will share on how to improve page rank to attain the fore said.

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Tips on How To Improve Page Rank


#1. Publishing Relevant Content

From the current website page ranks by search engines especially Google, unique, fresh and quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and it appears to be the most valued. Search engines love quality, original and unique content which is updated on a regular basis and these search engines will like your site.

This is why it is very important to create a good unique content for your site or the blog. Having fresh content on your site will not only please the search engines, but it will attract other webmasters and bloggers to link to your site. Which will definitely give you an increase in backlinks.

  • Identify A Keyword Phrase For Each Page.

According to Deborah L. Jacobs in her article at Forbes on Ways To Improve Your Google Rank, she states that [” One of the biggest mistakes that websites make is targeting the wrong keywords. Take the time to analyze the keywords that produce conversions and make you money “].

Just like any other person, when I am searching for anything on Google, I search using keywords and not the whole sentence. I hope you get what I am driving at. When you use a keyword which is very frequently searched on the internet, then you get a higher chance of your website being visited. Because, the moment someone types in a keyword, they will be taken to sites with content with that keyword.

Therefore, your content should have keywords that will always draw visitors to your website. In addition to this, always use  bold, italics, heading tags, and other emphasis tags to highlight keyword phrases, though you should not overdo it, still make sure you emphasize keywords.

  • Update Your Content Regularly

Just like, you know now that great content is key for your page rank, you ought to also know that updating your content regularly is also key to make your content more relevant to the changing technology and systems. When you update your content regularly, it will indicate your site’s relevancy to the site visitors.

A-F Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing

Personally, as a writer, there are questions that come up my mind before I submit in my articles to be published. Even when I am still writing any article, these questions keep coming up.

This helps me come up with relevant, original and quality content. Similarly, if you are a blogger or writer, these are the same questions you should be asking yourself before you hit the publish button.

a) Is Your Article Original?

It is a very good trait for you to have unique and original content. Therefore, you should consider including new ideas in the post that you write, leaving out old ideas that people have read over and over again. Having ideas that people have read over and over will make your post boring and not original.

When writing on a topic, I don’t rewrite existing content on internet but I aim at writing original ideas and experiences. Giving your readers new ideas will always draw them back to you.

b) Corrected Grammar and Spelling Errors?

Every time I visit a site and find content with errors, I feel like that page cannot be trusted. Just imagine reading an article full of errors, grammatical errors and spelling errors, you just feel like you are reading unauthentic work from a wrong source. Having content full of errors will make your site questionable. Search engines may even take you for a phishing site.

However much you need another person to edit your work, as a writer, you ought to be able to edit your own work, because you want it to be perfect. Personally, when I finish doing my research (which takes the longest time), I write and then edit my article.

After a huge time of concentrating on other things or relaxing, then I go back to my article, read it again and edit in case of any errors. After this is when I let another person look it over and edit it.

c) Is Your Article Informative?

The most thing that draws people to your work is when what they are reading is directed to solve an issue that is bothering them. In addition to having original and quality content, having researchable content that people find informative with practical advice to most issues.

It should be noted that people keep coming back to sites with interesting ideas that relate to daily matters, businesses, technologies and many more. Interesting ideas and informative data is what most people look for when they are researching on the internet.

Internet users are more likely to share content that they care the most about (content that meets their interest). The more frequently your content is shared, the higher it will escalate in the rankings. Adding on the question of the originality of the article, being interesting is what should be your aim as you publish your work.

d) Is Your Article Detailed, Effective and Relevant?

Long and powerful content is not only informative and full of ideas that readers may like, but it is also liked by most search engines.

According to Neil Patel, The whole secret to improving your Google rankings is to understand your market (target audience), research and identify the long-tail keywords that they are searching with and then create in-depth, useful, interesting and actionable content that will meet their needs. Then, promote that content massively. Do this consistently for the best results.

Such long and powerful content are strategic because they cover detailed information and you can choose to publish once or twice per week. This strategy can help your page rank especially if the search engines rank your articles highly.

e) Is Your Content Adding Value?

The first thing every blogger should have in mind is whether the content adds value to the web. This value in your content will finally result in quality traffic because your content will attract backlinks and most web visitors will be viewing your page to read your quality content.

In addition to this, having work that can be linked to by other sites and helpful to the search engines is something very important.

When you have confidence in what you have written and believe that others will want to bookmark your article, then your content is worth publishing and you can click the publish button.

Your content should be something worthy of reference, thus you may consider including topics that will draw peoples’ attention with new ideas, lots of details, guidelines, steps to accomplishing something, tips on certain issues and so many others.

And most importantly, I recommend detailed content that explains how to do something with regard to a topic that no one has written about previously. This is what makes your content original, unique and quality. You would not be surprised to have many backlinks if you have such content.

f) Would a Reliable Publisher Be Interested in Printing Your Article?

There’s nothing that gives value to your content like when other publishing companies reference, quote and focus on your article. As a content creator, you should be thinking of having content that other companies can find worthy of printing, referencing and including in their own work.

With such questions running down your mind, you’ll be sure to publish only quality work that other people will like, and hence will draw a lot of traffic and improve your page rank.

#2. Utilize Unique Active Backlinks

As it is with search engines, the more visitors coming to your site from other sites, the more your page rank will increase. As a blogger, you should know that when you get more viewers on your site originating from reputable sites, it will have an impact on your page rank.

Having many backlinks will mean that other sites trust your content. Not forgetting that it is even more important to have backlinks from quality and reputable sites, and those backlinks should be contextual. Therefore your goal should be to get links from authoritative and relevant sites.

Unfortunately, many bloggers rush in to get backlinks so, they start leaving comments anywhere and everywhere across the web, participating in random link exchanges with anyone who is willing to participate. It is not a good quality to comment on random sites and leaving your link because most times you will be considered as a phishing site since that’s what phishing sites do.

How To Get Backlinks

  • Your content must be of high quality, relevant, original, and unique in its own way so that people find your site and content linkable. This means that when you have high quality and relevant content, then people will start linking to your page. And linking to your page means having backlinks.


  • Ever thought of social bookmarking? For your content to be linked to, share it on social networks. As we all know in 2017, social media is a great platform for drawing people to your content and therefore making them link to your wok.

Therefore, through social media, you can earn likes, retweets, and sharing from different people, pages and many others. This will help to improve your Page rank as many people will link to your content.


  • Commenting actively on dofollow pages and forums makes you stand a high chance of getting people that refer to you through the comments.

When you participate actively in such forums with quality and relevant contributions, it will be a great strategy for you to distribute your links, and to get your content or site to reach to others. This will create for you backlinks since you are giving in your contributions as people like your work.


  • When you submit your profile on Wikipedia and other directories, people will easily find you through different channels which also possess high reputation. This will keep drawing people to your work since you are easy to find on the web.

According to Submitting your blog to web directories is another easy way to get backlinks.

this method is not very popular these days because finding a legal web directory is not easy. You must especially avoid those web directories that ask you to create a backlink to their website to get your website into their directory.


  • Although guest blogging has been discredited because of the scenarios of poor quality (spam, mainly because they are created to only promote links) however, guest blogging if done with quality content can create backlinks for your content.

When you have a high quality guest post, that’s relevant to the context of your area, then it is good and able to create backlinks.


  • In addition to having quality content, as a blogger or content creator, you should consider including videos (step by step guidelines, tutorials, tips, etc.), images through infographics, photos, presentations, webinars, all once in a while.

Also, it is clear that having YouTube videos adds a lot of weight and reputation. These will put trust in your visitors’ eyes and since they can find what they need in not only content but also images and videos, then you will be able to get backlinks.

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#3. Optimize Your Pages

Make the best use of your page, for both keywords and conversational searches. However, the best way to do this is to make your article titles as close to the popular search query for that topic as possible. Also aiming at making your content an answer to the questions of the readers, or providing unique insight.

By optimizing your page, I mean as a blogger, try to have quality that will increase your page traffic. Everything on your page ought to be quality. Search engines also like Pages that are quality in every part including content, traffic, viewers, backlinks and many others.

#4. Social Bookmarking

social-bookmarking - How To Improve Page Rank
social-bookmarking – How To Improve Page Rank

Regular posts on social media pages like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+, Pinterest and many others is a great way to spread backlinks among a large number of viewers. Social bookmarking is good way for your page to have social signal which is good for your page rank.

Many people use social media for different things including research, business, and so many others. Posting, and sharing your content on social media will mean that many people will share, like, retweet and even link to your content. This will in turn increase your traffic, which will lead to an increase in your PageRank.

In my own view, a great page that which has the information that a visitor wants. This I mean, when I type a keyword in the browser, I get impressed when I get exactly what I’m looking for. This is what every internet user wants and this is what search engines want.

And this can be achieved through quality content. Therefore, quality content will always determine how your page is ranked by search engines. Adding on the others, like backlinks and social bookmarking, you will be able to increase traffic on your page and also improve your page rank.

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