Top 8+1 Free LAN Messenger For Small Businesses

At work, employers and employees no longer shout out or move from desk to desk or walking from office to office to communicate. The mode of communication in your workplace should change if you still have to call out a colleague or walk to their desk to inform them about something. Good news is that you can stay in contact with all your employees and can have a conference within your office or maybe have some instant small chats with your employees without any internet connection. That being said, a LAN Messenger weather free of paid have made this come a reality.

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What is A LAN Messenger?

LAN Messenger, stands for Local Area Network Messenger. These are communication applications which enable individuals or participants to chat within their local area network without the need for any internet connection. The local area network could be your office, where all your workmates are connected to the office network. LAN Messenger enables chats, file sharing, group chats and many others. There are free LAN Messenger applications as well as purchased ones. On my list, I intend to bring up the top free LAN Messenger applications for your office.

Here are the top FREE LAN Messenger For Your Office

8. Outlook Messenger


Outlook Messenger is one more Free LAN messenger to communicate within LAN network. It is an  Intranet chat software designed specifically for use within small, medium and corporate offices. Its features include, voice talk, file transfer, offline message, remote sharing, calendar, reminder, alert note, free admin tool, history and many others.

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7. BeeBEEP Free LAN Messenger

BeeBEEP is an open source peer to peer LAN Messenger suitable for your office. BeeBEEP supports secure network chat without installing a separate server on each computer, so you can interact freely within your office without an internet connection. Its features include, Multiple Operating Systems like Windows, MacOSX, Linux, OS/2 and eComStation, easy to use, secure (encryption), instant messaging: chat with all people, group chats, file sharing, offline message, message history and many others.

6. Net-C


Net-C is a Free LAN Messenger software that needs no server installation on computers within your local network. Its features include, user status, private messages, private chat sessions as well as public chats with cool emotions, file transfer and many others. With Net-C, you can add your own configuration files like adding your own chat emotions if you have the required expertise. Net-C is therefore, an open source software which allows its users to modify it according to their taste.

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5. BORG Chat


BORGChat is also a Free LAN chat software that is good for your office. It enables features like sending files, private conversations as well as public chat sessions, smiley’s and quick shortcut keys. BORGChat also requires no server installation and supports message boards and message filtration too, which adds the flexibility to allow or block certain users under the full administrator privileges. It is an ideal LAN Messenger for your office.

4. AChat Free LAN Messenger


AChat enables  you to transfer of files, with no server installation, private messages, group chats to live hosts as well as to those who are currently offline and is capable to record your chat logs.

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3. Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 is a Free LAN messenger that is available in cloud or as a self-hosted software that can be installed on your server. It enables features like instant messages, group chat, file sharing, voice calls, video calls, videoconferencing, telephone calls, mobile messaging for Android and many other features

2. Tonic Free LAN Messenger


Tonic is an application that does not require a server with a user-friendly interface. Tonic LAN Messenger offers features like, image avatar, instant messaging, chat history, file transfer support, group chat and many others.

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1. Squiggle

Squiggle is a free LAN Messenger application which operates in peer-to-peer mode, and hence does not need any server. It enables features like group chat, broadcast chat, private chat, no installation needed, does not need a server and many others.

LAN Messenger


LAN Messenger is so far the best free LAN messenger with a free and open source cross-platform instant messaging application for communication over a local network on Windows, Mac and Linux. LAN Messenger enables a variety of useful features like event notifications, file transfer, message history and many others. It is the most widely used LAN Messenger in most workplaces and offices.


From these free applications LAN Messenger is the best. It is one of the most convenient and the most used in my offices. In addition to LAN Messenger, the rest that I have presented are also good free LAN Messenger soft wares for your office. Therefore, if you are thinking of having free LAN Messenger in your office, the list above is most definitely going to help you choose the best. Yes, we are using this for our local office chats and works best.

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  1. Nice list.You should also include Feem v4. The Best Lan messenger on all platforms. Free to use. All chats and file transfers are encrypted.

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