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5 Key Reasons Why Google is the Mostly Used Search Engine

Google is definitely the best search engine in the technological world with many more users than any other search engine. Google released its search engine in 1998 and since then, its search results have been significantly better than its competitors. In this article, i will dig down into Why Google is the Mostly Used Search Engine.

Google is now part of people’s vocabulary where the word google now literally means to search and almost everyone seems to be using it on the internet. Everywhere anytime, you find someone using Google on the computer, desktop, on a phone, in the car and very many other internet gadgets. Google has taken over the search arena and is now the most used search engine on internet.

What Makes it Great and Why Google is the Mostly Used Search Engine?


You may wonder why Google has really taken up the internet search and probably why many internet users find it easy to use Google than any other search engine. Here are the key reasons why Google has many users and why those users frequently search using Google.

  1. Google Searches Billions of URLs

Google has the largest number of sites indexed for access on the search engine and this is one of Google’s advantages to its users. It is believed that today, Google has over a trillion sites indexed. To a Google user, this means that you have a much better possibility of finding out a lot more, not merely the information you need, but also a multitude of sources that maybe helpful to your search.

  1. Google Returns Relevant Results

Google internet search engine is so proficient at putting the most relevant sites nears the top of the search list to the extent that you easily get all the relevant results of what you are searching for. Like I had mentioned in the first point, google indexes many web pages, therefore, this increases the likelihood of its returning what you’re seeking. Google does this by means of rating sites according to how many other sites link to it.


Google is very smart and it tends to be good at selecting links that closely match your search question, putting what you want nearly at the top. Therefore, when you make a Google search, the results that you receive are arranged in a descending order of importance. This clearly means that you get the most relevant results at the top of the page which is one of the favorite use for google users.

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  1. Google Identifies Ads and Sponsored Links

Google does not sell placement of search results and thus sponsored links and ads are clearly marked and kept separate from search results. Users like using Google because it does not overcrowd them with too many advertisements. Therefore, Google gives more priority to its search results than advertisements. However, the advertisements that Google displays along its search results are useful advertisements that are related to what a user has searched.

  1. Google is fast

 Google search engine is very fast and is so far the most reliable search engine as far as speed is concerned. It is very likely that google maybe the most used internet search engine on the internet and this is mostly because of its speed. With Google, most results are found in less than a second. It is true that google retrieves relevant effects faster and even more precise in comparison with other search engines.

  1. Google is Simple to Use with the best search experience


Google is a simple search engine unlike others whose use can be quite complex. Google as a search engine is very user friendly and its simplicity has greatly increased its users. This is because in its simplicity, Google gives users the best search results. For example, if you are looking for images of something you are researching about, a Google search can easily provide you with just what you are looking for. This is a great attribute that many users give Google and this is why they prefer using Google.

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Google remains the most used search engine in the world, far outdistancing its competitors that include, Bing, yahoo, Ask and many others. Most of individual, companies, firms, organization utilize Google. Therefore, Google has become so popular to the extent that at least even people who are not so much acquainted to the internet have heard a name of Google.

Even with the increased users, Google has continually improved its search results making them better and better day by day. This has made Google a great search engine for its users.


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